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Honey Milk Candy

It was a very random thought, but an old memory popped into my head this morning and I wanted to record it. Do any of you ever remember making candy out of honey and dried milk powder? I do, and I wanted to share that with my grandchildren. Here are a couple of the recipes I found - Old-Fashioned Cafeteria Candy and Peanut Butter Honey Candy. There's a similar one in this collection we compiled for a Relief Society class on using the powdered milk in your food storage. Basically, combine peanut butter, honey, and dry milk powder (some recipes also include powdered sugar and/or vanilla extract) and roll into balls. Someone mentioned placing the ingredients in a plastic bag to do the kneading, and I vaguely remember doing that for Cub Scout activities. You can then personalize your creation by adding chocolate chips or nuts or granola or coconut or graham cracker crumbs. And if you dip them in melted chocolate, they become Buckeye Candy. If you don't want to roll them into balls,…

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