Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Dutch Oven Pizza

The first time we tried Dutch Oven Pizza, we were camping at Yosemite National Park. We had several people come and ask us where we found a place to deliver out in the middle of nowhere! Nope, it was just us. That first time I made the dough from scratch, but now I usually buy a pre-baked crust. Just know that you can do it the hard way if you want.This is more of a process than a recipe. Place the crust on the bottom of your Dutch oven (parbake it a few minutes first if it's not pre-cooked), top with pizza sauce, cheese and any toppings you desire. Put on the lid and place in the hot coals. To cook pizza, you want more coals on top than on bottom so the cheese will melt before the crust burns. We tried this to show that you can stack Dutch ovens to conserve space and briquettes. I forgot to take picture, but fortunately, it was easy to find someone else's.

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