Friday, March 19, 2010

Delicious Green Fluff Salad

Every time it was Allison's turn to cook, we'd have this salad. But that's okay, because everyone in our apartment liked it. (At least, that's what I remember!) Green Fluff

Combine a large package (6 oz.) of jello (any flavor works) with a can (20 oz.) of crushed pineapple. (I don't recall ever draining the pineapple first, but this time the end result was a little soft, so I think next time I'll drain it.) Stir in a carton (16 oz.) of cottage cheese and some cool whip (1-2 cups). Serve.It added a nice touch of green to our St. Patrick's Day meal.

And the next day I added some sliced bananas to the leftover jello and that was delicious.

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