Monday, May 9, 2011

Pork (or Turkey) Egg Rolls

As part of our Personal Progress goals, Michelle and I worked together on a two-week menu. It was actually kind of fun having her pick the recipes. Here's one of the recipes she chose. Then we went shopping and made it and she learned how I adapt recipes. To begin with, we decided that instead of buying ground pork, we'd use some cooked turkey we already had; and instead of buying shrimp, we'd use the crab in the freezer. Next she decided she didn't like bean sprouts and water chestnuts, so we could omit those; we added extra cabbage instead. We definitely didn't use 3 tablespoons of oil for the stir-fry; it was whatever was left in the bottle of sesame oil, maybe 1 teaspoon, and that was plenty. Finally, we didn't really measure any of the filling ingredients, and we had enough to use all 21 of the wrappers that came in the egg roll package! Oh, and we only used 1/4" of oil in a cast iron frying pan; even that was a concession to the recipe, because normally I bake egg rolls. (That post also has pictures of the rolling process.) What this all means, is that it's probably impossible to duplicate our finished product, but you could definitely try! And whatever you came up with would be delicious.

Pork Egg Rolls

1/2 pound ground pork
2/3 cup shredded cabbage
1/2 cup chopped celery
4 green onions, sliced
3 tablespoons vegetable oil
1/2 cup salad shrimp
1/2 cup water chestnuts, chopped
1/2 cup bean sprouts, chopped
1 garlic clove, minced
2-3 tablespoons soy sauce
1 teaspoon sugar
8 refrigerated egg roll wrappers
oil for frying

Cook pork in a large skillet until no longer pink; drain. Remove pork and set aside. In same skillet, stir-fry cabbage, celery and onions in oil until crisp-tender. Add shrimp, water chestnuts, bean sprouts, garlic, soy sauce, sugar and reserved pork; stir-fry 4 minutes longer or until liquid has evaporated. Remove from the heat. (Sorry, I didn't think about taking pictures of these first steps.)

Position egg roll wrappers with a corner facing you. Spoon 1/3 cup pork mixture on the bottom third of each wrapper. Fold a bottom corner over filling; fold sides over filling toward center. Moisten top corner with water; roll up tightly to seal. In an electric skillet, heat 1 inch of oil to 375°. Fry egg rolls for 1-2 minutes on each side or until golden brown. Drain on paper towels. Serve with sweet and sour sauce.

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