Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pasta Creation, in honor of Chef Jef

The menu plan ran out on Monday, so Tuesday when it was time to fix dinner I turned to the internet. I had sweet potatoes that needed to be used and I was tired of chicken and beef, so I googled "recipe sweet potatotes sausage" and discovered several recipes that included pasta!  I just couldn't imagine our family liking that combination, but I knew they'd like sausage and pasta, so I googled again and found this
Sausage Pasta Recipe

and this
Makeover Sweet Potato Sausage Skillet Recipe

and this.
Sausage Pasta Recipe

Then I cooked the sweet potatoes separately, and came up with this combination of pasta, sausage, spinach, garlic, onions, olives, red pepper, Parmesan cheese and leftover chicken gravy/sauce from Sunday.
For lunch I put the pasta casserole on top of the sweet potatoes, just to see how the combination tastes.  Keep them separated!
At dinner Wayne asked if I had tried a new recipe.  My reply was "I looked at three different ones and created my own."  He then said that's one of the differences between us; he would have chosen one recipe and followed it exactly.  Which type of a cook are you?


  1. Weston is definitely like you! He would have tried it on sweet potatoes too- and he might have even liked it! I still mainly stick to recipes because I'm fairly new to cooking, but sometimes I get creative. Especially if it's a soup or something easy to experiment on like that. That pasta looks great!

  2. I definitely follow your style! Very rarely do I ever follow a recipe-- I almost don't know how! I've done that frequently lately, too, where I'm looking for what I think is a simple recipe but still can't find what I"m looking for, so I combine what I like from the ones I did find; and then I still critique it for how it could be better. And I'm with you-- I can't imagine sweet potatoes, sausage, and pasta in one dish...

  3. In my honor are you going to send me some?

    And to follow the pattern, I haven't used a recipe ever, okay, maybe once when I mad rocky road, but that was just to get the proportions right.