Friday, April 7, 2017

Jerk Chicken

I like getting spices as a souvenir from our vacation, because they can continue to bring back memories for a long, long time. This Sunday dinner, in addition to remembering our wonderful Caribbean cruise, we got to remember this past Christmas, when one of my gifts was a grill pan. It worked great for cooking up some chicken breasts, simply sprinkled with a bit of jerk seasoning.

To go along with the jerk flavor, I experimented with a coconut sauce for the rice. It was a beautiful complement and did a great job of toning down the spice.
Unfortunately, now I can't remember how I made the sauce. I think I just mixed some creamed coconut with water until it was the right consistency. However, here are some interesting recipes to try in the future using coconut milk.

Spicy Coconut Salmon - I know I didn't use this recipe because I was trying to cut down on the spiciness. However, if jerk chicken isn't on the menu, this would probably be delicious.

Non-Spicy Coconut Salmon - Just in case you're in the mood for no spice at all.

You can also Google "coconut milk recipes" and come up with a plethora of options for curry.

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