Friday, September 17, 2010

Spanish Bean Soup

Or, what happened the second time we tried it. I'm not giving the recipe here, because even though we've made it twice, we probably won't ever make it again. However, I thought I should let you know that there's a difference between American salt pork and Spanish salt pork (or whatever it is they sell at the Latin market). We needed chorizo and blood sausage, so that's where we went shopping. The first time we made it, using canned beans, it was so salty it was unpalatable. Yet, not being a family that wastes "good" food, we doctored it up - by adding tomato juice and a lot more potatoes - and finished it off. The second variation, using dried beans, we washed the extra 1/4" layer of salt off of the salt pork before adding it to the soup. Fortunately, this version was not too salty!
P.S. If you really want the actual recipe, let me know and I'll post it.

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