Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Yes, there is such a thing as too much salt.

Last week, it was time to try another recipe from Wayne's Columbia Restaurant Cookbook - Fabada Asturiana. This one entailed a trip to the Latin Market, because we needed a special type of sausage -Morcilla or blood sausage - in addition to chorizo and ham hocks and salt pork.
We get to try it twice - once with canned beans, and again with dried beans.

Basically, it's a bean soup. Cook the beans, Morcilla, salt pork and ham hocks for a while.
Add the Chorizo and some potatoes and cook some more.
But don't add more salt! This was actually not palatable, although we tried to make it so by adding more potatoes to the bowl. Next time we'll try rinsing off the salt pork to see if that helps. My guess is Spanish Salt Pork is not the same as English Salt Pork (or whatever you want to call it)!

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