Thursday, June 11, 2009

Celebration Dinner

In honor of Steven's birthday and Jeff leaving on his mission, it was time to have our traditional "celebration" dinner. We had it a few days before these two events, to take advantage of our usual Sunday "eat on china at the dining room table" atmosphere. Start by serving everyone a standard lettuce-and-tomato salad, although this time we added artichoke hearts because Jeff loves them. Before calling everyone to the table, send Dad out to grill the steaks. (And then eat the salads while they finish cooking.) Choosing the right steak is serious business. Everyone but Mom enjoys A-1 Sauce on theirs; she prefers the unadulterated taste of plain salt and pepper. It's not a proper celebration without dinner rolls and potato casserole. And a luscious dessert.

Dinner was a success, and the "guests of honor" were satisfied. And Steven at least is even more excited to have a repeat in the near future for Father's Day.

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