Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Peeling Oranges

Here's another technique I learned from my mom (who learned it from her friend) - a way to peel oranges so you don't have to deal with seeds and/or membrane. Yes, it's time consuming, but sometimes the effort is worth it.

Start by cutting a thin slice off the top of the orange. This works best using a thin serrated knife. Mine was labeled a grapefruit/tomato knife.

Then start peeling it,

spiraling down

and around until you get to the end.

Then cut off the bottom slice.

To cut out the individual sections, slice down one side of the membrane,

pivot the knife and come back up on the other side.

The section will fall into the bowl.

Do the same thing for every other segment.

Give it a good squeeze to get all remaining juice from the center.

Finally, a bowl full of orange segments without any seeds or membrane. It's perfect for adding to an ambrosia salad.

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