Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Strawberry Chiffon Squares

We had some friends over for a barbecue the other day, and that gave me the motivation to plan ahead for dessert. I added a layer of sliced bananas to a recipe I've tried before, and also used the cookie crumbs in the freezer instead of making a graham cracker crust. It was yummy, but it needs a better name - any ideas? (Note: Thanks to Megan, the name has been changed from the boring Strawberry Gelatin Dessert!)Strawberry Chiffon Squares

2 cups sliced strawberries
2 tablespoons sugar
3 ounce package strawberry jello
4 cups mini marshmallows
1/2 cup milk
8 ounces Cool Whip
graham cracker crust (for 9x13" pan)

Combine strawberries and sugar. let stand 20 minutes. Drain, reserving liquid, and add water to liquid to make one cup. Dissolve jello in 1 cup boiling water. Stir in juice mixture and berries. Chill. Melt marshmallows in milk. Cool. Fold cool whip into marshmallow mixture, then gelatin. Pour into crust. (I added a layer of sliced bananas to the crust before pouring the strawberry mixture over.) Chill until firm.

Uses for Stale Marshmallows


  1. How about Strawberry Chiffon Squares? LOL

  2. tasty -- I bet this is refreshing during the summer.

  3. Would you believe I thought of serving a strawberry bavarian at our barbecue with friends tonight? What is it about summer barbecues that make me think of strawberry desserts? Anyway, we're going to have this but without the crust, just scooped in dessert bowls. My marshmallows were stale. Eventually they melted, and in this recipe little chunks of marshmallow don't matter. However, it led me to this cool blog which I'm going to attach to all of my recipes using marshmallows. (See above, below recipe.)