Thursday, March 14, 2013

Treat for a Bridal Shower

The invitation to the bridal shower stated to bring a treat to share, and I thought it would be fun to take "All-to -Myself Cheesecakes" (find the recipe here).  However, I didn't know how many would be attending, so I was afraid twelve wouldn't be enough, and I also figured even though they're "mini" they would be too large for our appetites at 8 PM, especially if there were a lot of other yummy goodies to try.  So, I experimented.
Instead of making 12 individual cheesecakes, I baked the recipe in a 9x9" pan, using foil "extensions" so I could remove it in one block.  And then I cut it into 1" squares.  It worked!  Next time I'll drizzle the chocolate on after it's been cut (because it hardened too quickly and made a huge mess when I tried to cut it), but other than that, I'm glad I tried it this way.  I'll definitely try this again!

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